About I3CON

The project aims to enable the transformation towards a sustainable European construction industry delivering technologies for an integrated smart building services system using distributed control systems with embedded sensors, wireless connections, ambient user interfaces and autonomous controllers. The I3CON new Industrial business model and the developed control systems will contribute to manage and monitor efficiently the buildings needs while fulfilling everyone's comfort requirements.

Therefore the project will contribute to the overall strategy of all industrialized nations to reduce the construction environmental footprint.


In today’s business, the use of innovative components and technologies in the construction sector is getting increasingly important.

In this development the application of new business models that bridge the gap between planners and operators play a crucial role to enhance the sustainable application of these solutions.

The goal of the I3CON project is to develop technological and procedural innovations to enable the delivery of high-performance buildings. This will be achieved in three ways:

  1. Through the development of industrialised construction methods, such as off-site manufacture, that will improve the speed and quality of construction
  2. Through the development of smarter building components that can add improved functionality to buildings, such as sensors
  3. Through the integration of building services with structural or architectural components.

All of this will be supported by new management processes that combine the initial design and construction with the on-going operation and maintenance of the building.

November 18, 2008


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