I3CON community of interest

The I3CON European Community of Interest (CoI) has been set up to:

  • Provide the web infrastructure to support dissemination and promotion of the project outcomes
  • Publicise the outcomes of the project through on-line discussions and conferences
  • Liaise with other projects and publish newsletters
  • Liaise with key stakeholders in the industry and RTD communities

It is targeted at people who have an interest in the Dissemination of possible opportunities arising from the project. To this end the ‘European Association of Innovating SMEs’, (EurExcel), has committed time to the compilation of a database of possible interested parties.


Our aim in developing this database, and eventually an extensive network of companies, is to enable and encourage interaction between large numbers of SMEs from around Europe.


Benefits for CoI members

The benefits to partners joining the CoI are varied from the opportunity to get involved in the dissemination of I3CON, to the future collaborations in other EU funded projects, all done with the mindset of building long-term business partnerships.


For anyone who can see a possible interest or future opportunity for their company from joining the CoI, please, register here. Registration is free and takes just a few minutes.


By registering you will get access to additional services such as:

  • document downloads,
  • email notifications of new content including newsletters (3-5 times a year max.),
  • reminders and invitations to events organised by the project or closely related to project,

Do not hesitate to get in touch; an enquiry does not constitute a commitment, and your name will not be included in our database without your express consent.



October 27, 2009


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